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Aaron learns that as the trailers get larger, it seems his common sense gets smaller. This is about the largest load we've towed to date.

Cowichan Recyclists is hauling at least 3 tonnes of recyclables per month. Our heaviest load so far? 270 kg (600 lbs)!

Katie with our newest piece of equipment, a genetically modified trailer, which has apparently been pumped full of growth hormomes. Tony built us a seven-footer to go along with our original four-footer. It seems you can pack a lot into seven feet.

When there's no space left from end-to-end, there's always more room on top. That's a seven-foot steel locker riding shotgun.

Photographer Andrew Leong shows a little snow won't keep the Recyclists from their job.

Environmentalist John Scull snapped this quick photo of Aaron and Katie testing the trailer's strength. Definitely a two-person job.

Photographer Andrew Leong captures Katie and Aaron picking up empty soup tins at the Cowichan Valley Basket Society.

Aaron Bichard rides through downtown with a full load.

Katie Harris sorts recyclables in the sun.

Melanie Watson braved the rain to get this picture of Soggy Bichard and his dry load.

Katie Harris rides her bike and trailer through downtown Duncan