Cowichan Recyclists - Saving the environment and your time.

Local government requires businesses and residents to recycle, but for businesses, implementing a system can be time-consuming and costly.

We understand your business's recycling stream is unique. We'll work with you to customize a recycling program that meets your business's needs...and saves you time and money.

On an agreed upon schedule, we will visit your business and take away your mixed recycling so you don't have to.

Whatever your recycling needs, our personal commitment to the community and environment ensures you will receive the best service with the low impact of human power.

Monthly Rates

Weekly pickup - From $37 per month

Twice monthly pickup - From $25 per month

Once a month pickup - From $15 per month

Our rates are based on 150 litres of material per pickup - the equivalent of approximately two garbage cans, two large Rubbermaid bins or one-and-a-half yellow, mixed-recyclable, curbside bags.

If you're generating more than 150 litres, ask us about our large load pickup. We can find a solution to your unique waste stream. We can also help green your next event.

Wondering what can be recycled?