Accepted Recyclable Materials


If the following is clean, dry and collected in an organized way, well take it!


Mixed Paper and Cardboard:



   Paper bags

   Paper rolls from paper towels and toilet paper


   Paper egg cartons   

   All boxboard packaging e.g. cereal boxes


   Flattened boxes

    Pizza boxes (clean lids only)

    All office and coloured paper

    Business receipts

* Almost all paper products are recyclable — any questions? Just ask us!




   All clean plastics labeled #1 through #7

   Film (soft) plastics e.g. all plastic bags, bubble wrap, cellophane, magazine wrappers

   All plastic packaging

   Plastic coffee lids

*Please collect small pieces of soft plastics in a separate plastic bag


Cans and Aluminum Items:


   Metal food and beverage containers e.g. pop cans, soup tins, clean aluminum foil, pie plates




   All refundable and non-refundable beverage containers, jars



Thank you for choosing Cowichan Recyclists!