New Cowichan Bay Community Organics Pick Up Service!

Cowichan Bay Organics Pick Up Service

Would you like to see your neighbourhood divert organics from the landfill?  We can help *if* we have around 6 people who sign up on the same block.

We are offering a unique pick up service that helps keep organics out of the landfill and reduces truck idling.  We park our biodiesel truck (fuelled by Cowichan Biodiesel Co-Op ) at one end of your road and turn it off.  We then do all the pick ups by bike with our heavy duty bike trailers!

CVRD waste audits show that more than one-third of our garbage sent to the landfill is actually made up of organic materials. 

Since there is no local disposal capacity for garbage in the CVRD, solid waste is exported out-of-region (Washington State).  Our organics on the other hand can be processed locally and turned into a valuable resource. 

Therefore, we can do a great deal of good for our local economy and for the environment by diverting organics from the landfill and processing it locally into compost.  

Please email us if you think you have 6 neighbors who may be interested. We can also provide pamphlets when needed.

Payments:  Use your own bin or do a $30 deposit for our 48 litre bin. Bins are collected weekly for a monthly fee of $28 before tax.  Furthermore, if two households share a bin it would cut the cost in half.  🙂

Payments are easy and can be done online.

Please email us any questions

scrape plate
Scrape your plate
curbside organics
Bring to the curb weekly


6 thoughts on “New Cowichan Bay Community Organics Pick Up Service!

  1. Could you tell me where all the organics go to? Are you permitted to put any garden waste … like cut flowers in the bin? I am very keen to do this.


    1. We currently take it to Coast Environmental on Boys road and then it goes to Chemainus where their composting facility is. Yes garden waste can go in it as well.


  2. Can bones (beef, pork, etc) and carcasses (turkey, chicken etc) go in the compost?


    1. Yes meat and bones can go in organics 👍


  3. Frances P Cameron August 18, 2021 — 9:42 pm

    Just moved to cowachen bay and would like to recycle my organics and yard waste.


    1. OK great, give us a call 250 732 3619 or email and we can get you set up… thanks, Erin


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