College/University Paid Internship with Cowichan Recyclists: Social Enterprise Business Plan Coordinator

Hiring deadline is April 15th, 2022.

Cowichan Recyclists is a bicycle based social enterprise that has been in opperation in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC since 2007. We pick up recycling and organics using custom made bike trailers and electric cargo bikes. We recently partnered with Venture for Canada on a market research project that began to look at the potential to expand into bike based courier and delivery services. We are aware of how well our business model fits with the climate change goals of this generation as well as the increase in interest in electric bikes and environmental stewardship.

This student job placement that is partly funded by Venture for Canada, would allow the participant to work closely with the co-owners side by side out on the bicycles as well as in person meetings and online with shared business planning documents. 50% of the placement would be cycling the pick up route and bringing recycling and organics to our shed for sorting. The other 50% would be working on a draft business plan for Cowichan Recyclists with the owners.

Some points of the business plan we are interested in is how to increase effeciencies and fine tune our opperations and logistics. Innovation and entrepreneurial concepts can be put into action and communication with staff and customers on a daily basis will also provide ample transferable work life skills for students.

Start and finish dates are negotiable and the pay would be $18/hr – we would love to pay more per hour, however we need a business plan to do so 🙂. The number of hours per week and schedule is also negotiable. The hiring deadline for a summer placement for this grant is April 15th, 2022.

For a better sense of what the Cowichan Recyclists gets up to visit: and find us on Facebook:

To be elligible applicants must have the following:

Enrolled full or part time in a Canadian college or university.

Studying any discipline, at any diploma or degree level.

Will be enrolled (completing program requirements) for at least the first 30 days of this internship.

Holds Canadian citizenship, Permanent Residency, or refugee status.

Interested in entrepreneurship and/or seeking alternatives to ‘traditional’ job placements.

Please contact Erin at

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