Job Posting: Full Time Cowichan Recyclist


Job Posting: Full Time Cowichan Recyclist

Eligibility: This is a Work BC Wage Subsidy position therefore applicants must be currently unemployed and receiving Employment Insurance (EI), or have received EI benefits that ended in the past 5 years, or have received EI Maternity or Parental benefits that started in the past 5 years, or have earned $2,000 in EI insurable earnings in the past 5 out of 10 years, or eligible for the Single Parent Employment Initiative.  Please contact Work BC in Duncan to make sure you qualify: 250-748-9880.

Application Deadline:  September 30th, 2019

Wage: $16/hour to start

Full Time: 35 hours/week

Start Date: Beginning of October – date to be determined

* We are an equal opportunity employer

The Cowichan Recyclists is looking for a full time Recyclist to help pick up recycling and organics by bike using our bike trailers in Duncan, BC.  The position also includes:

  • driving our biodiesel truck to take loads to the depot
  • sorting recycling into over 12 different categories
  • emptying and washing out 48 litre and 120 litre organics bins
  • cleaning the shed and work area

Our bike based business is growing, so we need a bigger team.  We are looking for someone who loves biking and being a community leader in the realm of environmental stewardship.

The daily routine of this position would start at our work shed in Duncan and begin with packing up the trailer with all the bins and bags needed for the route.  We would provide you with your list of places to pick up from and off you’d go for your first bike route.  There would likely be two bike routes per day, leaving time to sort recycling and do drop offs.  Each day has it’s own list of scheduled pick ups, with only some of the pick ups varying from week to week, otherwise you will get quite cozy with knowing the same weekly pick ups.  Some of the pick ups are outside the buildings, but most are inside offices and stores.  We work year round and in all weather unless there is too much snow or extreme weather. Check out map zones on our website to get a sense of where our customers are located.

Applicants also need to:

  • have a Class 5 Drivers Licence
  • be fit & able to lift up to 50 lbs safely
  • have experience working in the outdoors
  • have experience biking in traffic safely and know the rules of the road
  • be prepared to be promote the legitimacy of cycling by being courteous and safe on the roads
  • be able to assess the risks of when and where to ride through and next to traffic with our 8 foot long bike trailers
  • have a cell phone that can be used for texting staff and managers
  • use their own bike and helmet

The Cowichan Recyclists started in 2007 and was soon after given awards from the Chamber of Commerce and City of Duncan for its environmentally friendly work.  This business has been growing steadily and expanding services into courier work and local food deliveries.

Please email resume and cover letter to: by September 30th2019. 

 *Please look through our website to see pictures of Cowichan Recyclists in action!

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